The new aesthetic conscience has created a lot of room for the new age interior designer. Reckon you can create some for yourself? It’s very likely that you have seen a hotel, a bar or even the office of a corporate house undergoing renovation. There lies the big fact that interior designers of today have much more to do all of a sudden. Everybody wants a new interior and interior designers are having a field day. If this is the stream where you want to find your place under the sun, the time is right.


As an Interior Designer, you may deal with interiors of building and can start as a part of a bigger team with an established interior designer, start solo or go solo in your own time. You may also entirely leave the buildings to somebody else and take up a specialization in furniture, interior design or accessories.

Courses offered

Diploma in Interior Design (2 year)
Diploma in Interior Design     (1 year)
Certificate in Interior Design  (6 months)

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